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MINNEAPOLIS, MN –March 1, 2012 -Cachet Financial Solutions, a leading provider of remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions, today announced a new partnership with FI-MOBILE, provider of UniFi, a leading mobile banking application, to offer an integrated mobile banking and mobile deposit application. The partnership will allow any credit union or financial institution using UniFi to deliver mobile deposit capabilities to members and customers via mobile phones and devices in as little as 90 days. In addition, existing UniFi clients can now instantly activate the feature for all current mobile banking customers.

“FI-MOBILE’s solution is truly complementary to our mobile RDC offering,” said Jeffrey Mack, President and CEO of Cachet. “With this partnership, we provide financial institutions and credit unions with an easy and fast way to offer mobile deposit to their customers and members; it’s as easy as flipping on a switch! This gives their customers or members the added convenience of being able to scan and deposit checks directly into their accounts via their mobile phones wherever and whenever they’d like.”

The foundation of Cachet’s mobile deposit application is convenience and simplicity for the consumer. Cachet’s mobile deposit application is now completely integrated with the UniFi mobile banking solution from FI-MOBILE, creating a seamless experience for members and customers. Making a deposit is as easy as keying in the deposit amount, snapping photos of the front and back of checks, and then submitting them for deposit. Cachet’s service captures the check and converts it to a high-quality image. Before transmitting the images, Cachet formats the images and corrects any distortions or skewing utilizing Mitek’s patented technology and confirms that the images meet the industry’s Check 21 and mobile image-quality standards. All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security. The mobile deposit capability is available to any financial institution using the UniFi application to deliver mobile banking to their members and customers.

“Remote deposit via mobile devices is no longer a feature that’s just available from the largest banks and financial institutions,” said Dan Chaney, co-founder and CEO of FI-MOBILE. “Through our partnership with Cachet Financial Solutions, any credit union or bank can offer secure and reliable remote deposit capabilities quickly and affordably. In addition, the new capability will help them to further save costs by reducing the need for in-branch deposit support.”


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