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RDC has been called the most important development in the (U.S.) banking industry in years by the Federal Reserve. The number of banks and other financial institutions providing RDC is growing rapidly. According to Celent, 78% of U.S. banks are now offering or currently developing remote capture solutions.

The benefits of RDC are numerous, including convenience, better deposit availability and reduced transportation cost and risk. RDC is a product solution most U.S. financial institutions are eager to develop and get to market to better service their commercial clients, merchants and consumers. The financial industry has invested billions of dollars in developing the hardware and software required to implement this groundbreaking solution. Industry regulations have been updated and new compliance standards have been adopted to protect both consumers and insured institutions alike.

Yet, with all of the work put into developing RDC, few financial institutions have found a way to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively implement this solution for merchants, small businesses and consumers. Until now, few have been able to bridge the significant disconnect between offering RDC and its ability to implement and service the solution for their customers.

But thanks to Cachet’s RDC Select™, we’re helping financial institutions reconnect with their customers by delivering the industry’s most efficient RDC solution. We have effectively taken the IT, data management and infrastructure issues out of the equation to deliver a fully hosted RDC solution to our customers. Thanks to RDC Select™ financial institutions will no longer be serving as IT installation and support gurus. And thanks to our secured Data Center, you will no longer need to buy expensive data servers and IT platforms to house your RDC solution. Financial institutions can now deliver a business solution to their customers with no significant investment in IT (hardware or software), personnel or customer service and support.

We believe the key to RDC’s success lies both in educating the end users and making it easy to install and use on a daily basis. To help ensure our clients’ success, we help develop an effective marketing strategy that better illustrates the power of RDC for their customers by delivering a cost-effective solution to them. A well-designed RDC Select™ campaign that effectively communicates its benefits will have a significant impact on the success of the sales program. We help our clients Unleash the Power of RDC™.

“RDC equipment deployment, activation, training, financing and repair are not core competencies (for financial institutions).”

(Financial Institutions Must Rethink Their RDC Support Models, First Data White Paper, 2009)

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