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RDC Select™ | A Unique Alternative

Ever since Check 21 legislation was formally implemented in October 2004, banks and credit unions have been struggling with regulatory, technology and customer service issues that have prevented deeper market penetration for remote deposit capture (RDC). Additionally, they have been reluctant to “sell” RDC to their customers because of the perceived initial added costs to the merchant and for fear of losing personal contact with their clients. As a result, RDC has not been a top priority for many financial institutions.

Cachet Financial Solutions has dedicated its resources to help its customers unleash the power of an RDC solution that works for both them and their customers. To do so, we:

  1. Prove that it’s mutually beneficial to financial institutions and their customers;
  2. Make a strong business case for RDC;
  3. Deliver a premier technology solution with no significant investment; and,
  4. Provide sophisticated and compelling marketing support to help sell RDC to their customers.

1. Mutually Beneficial-Cachet Financial Solutions understands that electronic banking solutions like RDC Select™ provide significant benefits to financial institutions and their clients. Fewer trips to institution means less time waiting in line to deposit checks for commercial and retail customers. For banks and credit unions, Cachet’s RDC Select™ alleviates the cost and implementation barriers commonly found with most offerings. Our fully integrated, Internet-based solution is one of the industry’s most efficient platforms available today. Additionally, we work directly with our financial institutions to create an RDC model that both improves branch efficiencies and generates untapped revenues.

2. Strong Business Case-Cachet helps empower financial institutions to better demonstrate the value and benefits of electronic check capture to their customers. With RDC Select™ financial institutions deliver a unique and powerful solution to their customers by reducing bank processing time, transportation costs and time out of the office, to name a few. The savings in time and manpower to merchant customers alone are significant. We’ll help you make a strong business case to your customers so that they understand that RDC will enhance their own bottom line while enhancing your banking relationship with a quantifiable return on investment.

3. Premier Technology Solution-RDC Select™ is a state-of-the-art, fully hosted solution that provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain RDC platform for financial institutions of all sizes. We’ve eliminated the need for costly infrastructure and back-office processes. We’ve built RDC Select™ to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. Developed more than 10 years ago, the software behind RDC Select™ has been continually enhanced and improved to meet the rigorous industry specifications and requirements of financial institutions of all sizes. It has been deployed in numerous financial institutions of all sizes across the U.S. RDC technology will continue to evolve and Cachet Financial Solutions will be at the leading edge of that evolution. Today, we are testing and exploring new and exciting ways to deliver our RDC Select™ solution to more and more financial institutions and their customers, using both PC and Mac platforms.

4. Marketing Support-We believe the key to RDC’s success lies both in educating the end users and making it easy to install and use on a daily basis. To help ensure our clients’ success, we help develop an effective marketing strategy that better illustrates the power of RDC for their customers by delivering a cost-effective solution to them. A well-designed RDC Select™ campaign that effectively communicates its benefits will have a significant impact on the success of the sales program.

“From cash-flow acceleration and gains in efficiency to substantial cost reductions, the business case for RDC deployed at client sites is compelling.”

(Financial Institutions Must Rethink Their RDC Support Models, First Data White Paper, 2009)

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