Cachet Financial Solutions provides cloud-based SaaS remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions to banks of all sizes. We have developed a world-class RDC platform that allows banks to offer their customers the latest in RDC technologies and services. RDC Select™, our fully integrated, customized solution, is a unique delivery platform that eliminates the need for banks to build and manage their own RDC solutions. We do it for them.

With RDC Select, banks no longer have to install costly infrastructure or invest in IT staffing for implementation, compliance, service or data management. The installation and training for RDC Select are delivered remotely and online, at no cost to our clients.

Cachet works with banks of all experience levels. We have worked with banks that have never launched RDC as well as those looking to improve their current RDC programs or deliver a new solution that is not provided or supported by their current RDC vendors. Regardless of their past experience level, all banks can realize the many benefits RDC brings to their customers, including increased convenience, cost and time savings, faster clearings and improved cash availability and streamlined operations.

The following RDC solutions are available to our bank partners:

Select Mobile – Mobile Remote Deposit Capture
Select Mobile Prepaid – Mobile Capture for Loading to Prepaid Cards
Select Mobile Money – Mobile Money Management for Prepaid Cards
Select Business – Merchant Capture for both PC and Mac Users
Select Home – Consumer Capture for Small/Home Office
Select Capture – Branch Capture
Select Remittance – Remittance Processing
CheckReview – Real Time Image Verification for RDC
CheckRisk Pro – Multiple Deposit Source Monitoring

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