Mortgage Calculators

Overview of Calculators

Cachet Financial Services, LLC offers you 6 calculators to help you answer important financing questions. There are a number of ways to approach an affordability analysis, and these calculators allow you to assess the effects of different variables when buying a home.

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator allows you to compare the costs of renting a residence and buying a home.

Mortgage Qualification Calculator shows you how much income you need to buy a home, based on your income and other factors.

Mortgage Payment Calculator displays your mortgage payment for the term of your loan.

Refinance Calculator will help you determine if now is the right time to refinance.

Debt Consolidation Calculator can show you how to reduce your monthly payments and save money as well.

Monthly Payment Calculator allows you to explore the outcome of changes to your loan balance, mortgage term, and interest rate on your monthly P&I payments.

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