Check Cashers

The following RDC solutions are available to our check cashing partners:

Mobile Check Capture – Mobile Check Capture for Financial Service Organizations

Our mobile application can be branded with the check casher’s logo, colors and branding.  It is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry operating systems for your customers to download. Once downloaded, they are able to start cashing checks and loading them on their prepaid debit cards from their mobile smart phones.

CheckReview – Real Time Image Verification for RDC

Our patent pending Check Review product allows our customers to see a high quality image of the front and back of the check as if they were presented in person.  You are able to create profiles for your customers and manage the exceptions with an automated system, or you can review every check via our Web based portal. We also provide imaging technology with MICR data, Courtesy vs. Legal amount recognition, and advanced endorsement options.

Cachet can provide a complete solution for your customers.  If you would rather have a third party decision and load “good funds,” for you we have integrated our technology with the leading check verification/guarantee companies.  Cachet has developed an API which provides real time check information, latitude and longitude information for the transaction, as well as business rules to aid in the decision process.

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