Mitigate and Reduce Check Fraud with Advanced Monitoring and Flexible Controls

Recently Upgraded, CheckReview™ is our cloud-based, patent-pending, proprietary technology that helps financial institutions better identify potential check fraud. This added feature grants financial institutions and financial service organizations greater control when reviewing digital images of checks submitted for deposit or loading onto prepaid cards.

In the past, remotely deposited check images were available for review only after the check had been accepted.

CheckReview changed all that. With CheckReview, financial institutions and financial service organizations can now approve or reject a scanned check before it is deposited or loaded, fundamentally changing the management of fraud risk with remote check capture.

Our solution can be tailored to your individual needs with flexible segmentation and user management including the ability to create groups with different deposit limits and custom fee structures. Deposit limits, including value and velocity, can also be customized down to the individual level.

CheckReview also features advanced monitoring and security with signature and endorsement detection, reporting and audit tracking functionality, and administrative controls.

CheckReview is currently integrated with Select Mobile, Select Mobile Prepaid, and Select Home.

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