Now Available to Mac Users

CheckReview™ is our new, proprietary technology that helps financial institutions better identify potential check fraud. This added feature allows financial institutions greater control when reviewing digital images of checks submitted for deposit via remote and mobile deposit.

With traditional RDC, customers submit checks for deposit using a desktop check scanner or a camera-equipped smart phone. Until now, financial institutions have not able to view and validate the digital image of the check in real time. Instead, images were available for review only after the check had been deposited.

Cachet’s CheckReview™ changes all that. With CheckReview™, financial institutions can now approve or reject a scanned check before it is deposited, fundamentally changing the way financial institutions can manage their fraud risk with remote deposit. The new feature can be customized for each financial institution using it. For example, some institutions might choose to use this feature for its newer customers or for checks over a certain dollar amount.

Best of all, CheckReview™ can be added to all of Cachet’s RDC Select™ products for both Mac and PC and Mobile platforms.

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