CheckRisk Pro™

More deposits from multiple sources means more risk… Protect yourself with an advanced approach to risk mitigation

Cachet knows that mitigating risk is the number one concern for financial institutions looking to launch a RDC product, and simple duplicate detection and per-deposit limits aren’t always enough. CheckRisk Pro™ gives our clients peace of mind, knowing they can monitor and mitigate risks throughout their entire deposit process.

CheckRisk Pro is Cachet’s latest advance in RDC risk mitigation technology, offering financial institutions and credit unions a unique platform for monitor deposits submitted from multiple sources, including ATM, Branch, Mobile, and more, regardless of vendor.

A cloud-based automated program, CheckRisk Pro is a customizable solution featuring business rules that can be applied individually or grouped into profiles, and includes both deposit velocity metrics and exception handling.


CheckRisk Pro for Banks


CheckRisk Pro for Credit Unions

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