Select Homeā„¢

Remote Deposit Capture for Home Offices

At-home deposit, simplified

It’s a need-it-now world, and your work-from-home customers are looking to do more in less time. Give them the convenience of Select Home™ remote deposit capture (RDC) from Cachet Financial Solutions, the leader in mobile money management. It’s the easiest way to deposit a small number of checks without leaving the home office or investing in costly check scanner hardware—and a smart new solution to help strengthen your relationships and expand your market reach.

Consider them captured

Select Home™ is our cloud-based, consumer capture solution that turns paper checks into live funds directly from your end user’s flatbed TWAIN scanner or all-in-one printer. After transforming check deposits into digital images, it validates their authenticity and forwards them into your system with industry-standard encryption at every step. Select Home™ is fast, easy and secure—and gives your business an in with today’s home-based professionals and an edge over your competitors!

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