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Cachet Financial Services, LLC

Instructions for completing loan application

1. Complete and sign 3 or 4 page residential loan application Form 1003 and attached loan info sheet, credit authorization and fair lending notice. Page 4 of the application is a continuation page in case you need additional space for your assets or liabilities. If you make a mistake while filling out the application cross it out, and make a change. Do NOT use white out.
2. If you are salaried: provide two years W-2 and one month of paystubs OR if you are self-employed: provide two years tax returns and a YTD profit and loss statement.
3. If you own rental property, please provide rental agreements and two years tax returns.
4. Please provide a copy of the note on your 1st mortgage. This will normally be found in your closing loan documents.
5. Please provide a signed letter explaining what you plan to do with the proceeds.
6. Provide copy of divorce decree if applicable.
7. If you are NOT a US citizen provide us with a copy of your green card (front & back), or if you are NOT a permanent resident provide us with your H-1 or L-1 visa.


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