Financial Services Organizations

Cachet Financial Solutions is at the forefront of the new technology solutions for financial services organizations (FSO). Cachet is one of the few companies who understand the dynamics of the industry and has both a mobile front-end and a check imaging/verification back-end solution for the various FSO solution providers.

We have partnered with many of the industry’s leading companies to offer a unique turn-key solution. Select Mobile Prepaid includes our patent-pending mobile check application interface and can be combined with our patent-pending CheckReview™ application. With Select Mobile Prepaid we enable check cashers and prepaid card program sponsors to offer a safe, effective way to load paper checks via Smartphones and tablets.

Our focus is on the end-user experience – that’s why we are developing the most efficient and secure applications available today. Our technology allows us to execute a host of solutions for a variety of financial organizations – from check cashing companies to reloadable prepaid card issuers and processors. We work with clients to ensure that specific business requirements and security and compliance features are implemented successfully. We brand each application in order to further enhance your brand awareness and loyalty with your customers.

We offer solutions for a variety of financial service organizations:

Check Cashers

Prepaid Card Industry

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