Imagine a dealership where no one knows how to drive. It’s a ridiculous thought, of course. After all, how can someone sell a car without understanding the value proposition it offers?

The same is true for RDC.

For a financial institution to succeed in offering RDC products, it needs a staff that understands and can articulate the benefits RDC offers for their customers and prospects. Many financial institutions are missing the mark, however. A 2011 survey by the Aite Group makes the point. Although most small businesses surveyed said they were familiar with RDC, just over half (51%) rated their FI’s customer education efforts relative to RDC as “not at all effective.”

So what can banks and credit unions do to assure their RDC products meet with success? There is no singular strategy that cuts across markets and organizations. But there are common components, like marketing and training.

Recently, Jeff Mack posted about marketing best practices, and it got me thinking about training in a similar context. Using my experiences with our clients, I put together this checklist as a starting point for what’s needed when training your staff. So here are some things to think about as it relates to your RDC solutions.

There needs to be:

✓A concisely-written explanation provided to your staff of the RDC solution your FI has chosen to implement

✓An integrated communications plan that both informs and inspires staff to promote RDC. This includes:

  • Mapped out strategies for promotion and selling activities
  • Web-based training
  • Hands-on demos
  • Reference materials that are concise and easy to access
  • Regular sales meetings that reinforce the value proposition for customers and the FI

✓Incentives and rewards programs that encourage RDC referrals

✓Clearly articulated procedures for identifying and reaching out to prospects

✓Meaningful brochures and other collateral for staff to use when educating customers


Once the sale is made, of course, training takes on a whole new dimension. So here’s a second checklist, for customer training.

✓Develop programs for each targeted vertical market and individual clients

✓Establish on-site implementation and training sessions that cover, among other items:

  • How the process works
  • How the company can benefit
  • How to manage risk & security issues
  • What equipment is needed
  • How to maintain equipment
  • What to do with paper checks post-deposit

✓Create on-going Web-based training opportunities because there’s no guarantee the customer staff members you train today will be around next year ✓Provide 24/7 help resources


So in the spirit of the season, I close by suggesting you follow the lead of jolly old St. Nick in “making a list and checking it twice” to be sure you address all your training needs for RDC success in 2013.

Happy Holidays everyone!