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Through RDC Select™, we have simplified the installation, deployment and training of the RDC process, both for the financial institutions and their clients.

Orientation for Financial Institutions

For institutions that are using RDC Select™ for the first time, a Cachet account executive will deliver a personalized orientation for your personnel involved with the offering. Since there is no hardware to buy or software to install, RDC Select™ implementation is convenient, fast and easy. It can be delivered in person or online via the Internet. Our RDC Select™ Support Team will walk staff members through the salient points of the offering and provide a demonstration of a remote deposit capture in real time. We will also show the reporting and auditing capabilities to ensure the staff has a complete understanding of the product offering. For institutions with more than one branch or location, our account executive can meet with each group individually or they can dial into the prearranged Webinar. Staff orientation lasts no more than 45 to 60 minutes.

Installation for Merchants and Commercial Customers

To get started, customers simply log on to your Web site and choose from a handful of predetermined scanner options. When their scanner arrives a few days later, your customers simply call our 800 number and our RDC Select™ Support Team remotely installs and trains them on how to use their RDC via the Internet. For customers with more than one location and RDC scanner, our Support Team can deliver installation and training via a Webinar. Installation and training takes about 45 minutes.

“With the market poised for explosive RDC growth, financial institutions are evaluating their customer-support models and, increasingly, partnering with third-party vendors to more efficiently manage RDC deployment.”

(Financial Institutions Must Rethink Their RDC Support Models, First Data White Paper, 2009)

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