Cachet Financial makes it simple for your customers to implement and use RDC. To get started, your customers simply log on to your website and choose from a handful of predetermined scanner options. When their scanner arrives a few days later, your customers simply call our 800 number and our RDC Select™ Customer Support Team remotely installs and trains them on how to use their RDC via the Internet. For customers with more than one location and RDC scanner, our Support Team can deliver installation and training via a Webinar. Installation and training can take as little as 15 minutes.

With all of our cloud-based Saas solutions, the only technology requirements for the customer are a smartphone or computer, a check or desktop scanner and access to the Internet. No additional software is required to reside on the merchant’s computer or network. This greatly simplifies the installation process, which is administered by the RDC Select Support Team remotely. The software that your merchants utilize is managed from our Data Center Web servers, which provide secure uploading and verification of checks as well as review of historical data. Our technical staff manages any support issues directly with your merchant.

For larger customers with multiple locations, Cachet works to ensure a timely and efficient implementation. Our Relationship Managers can customize kick-off meetings and user training in order to maximize client utilization. Whatever your customers’ needs, we work together to develop a solution that is right for you and them.

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