Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, and our year-end rituals kick in (like shopping and budgeting), it seems a good time for reflection and planning. Not just as individuals; reflection and planning is critical to business success, too. This is especially the case as generational shifts and technology innovations force many businesses to reevaluate investments in desk/laptop computing power.

For example, the chasm between PC users and their Mac counterparts has been narrowing in recent years, especially in the business world, primarily due to the popularity of Apple’s iPad. Illustrative of this trend, Forrester Research expects sales of Macs and iPads to the corporate hardware market to reach $17 billion this year, an increase of 2% over 2011 sales, as PC sales decline 3% over last year.

Cachet saw the tide beginning to turn toward greater Mac acceptance in the business world and our response was a Mac version of our industry-leading Select Business™ platform. In 2011 Cachet became the first company with an RDC solution designed specifically for the Mac interface. Later, we expanded our offering for use on tablet devices like iPads.

Cachet’s patent-pending Select Business platform for Mac operating systems is Web-based. That’s a huge plus for financial institutions that want the freedom to offer flexible RDC solutions without the costs and headaches that often accompany an in-house solution. With Select Business, financial institutions can offer merchants and other business clients the ability to process, authenticate and deposit checks all in a single pass without ever having to leave their places of work, or their homes.

Working with our technology partner Panini and City National Bank in Los Angeles we’ve been able to demonstrate the power of the patented technologies that underlay Cachet’s RDC platform for Mac users. With nearly a quarter of City National’s business clients using Mac products, the bank really needed a Mac-based RDC solution. The implementation, which utilizes Panini’s scanner technologies, was designed specifically to support small business customers with low volumes of checks to deposit. The scanner utilizes patented technologies including high-quality dual-sided image capture, document franking and advanced MICR and OCR reading functionality.

City National reports that the initial response of Mac users to its new RDC offering has been overwhelmingly positive with more than two dozen business customers signed on, and dozens more expected as the bank extends the offering to more business clients.

The Cachet team strives to be on the cutting edge of technology and offer the best RDC solutions to financial institutions large and small. We understand that the growing popularity of Macs and other Apple products in the business world cannot be ignored, by our clients or us.

Select Business was built to exceed the needs of financial institutions and their customers; adding Mac compatibility became an imperative as Apple gains converts of all types of businesses. But perhaps even more importantly, it’s a cost-effective solution as it demands little in terms of internal resources to support. Now that the solution is available for use with Macs and other Apple devices, RDC becomes a viable banking option for just about any business, large or small, home-based or mobile.