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Marketing Successful RDC Programs

Marketing Successful RDC Programs

June 19, 2013

Speaker: Hunter Wolfe, Director of Operations at Cachet

Thank you to all who joined us for this interesting webinar featuring tips, tricks, and client examples on marketing successful RDC programs. For those who couldn’t make it, fill out the form below to receive access to the recorded webinar, slide deck, and complete Q&A transcript. You may also be interested in our white paper the RDC Market Planning Handbook.

Whether you’re offering mobile or merchant remote deposit capture, launching the product is just one step in creating a rich experience for your customers/members.

By listening to this webinar you will learn:

• The benefits of a pro-active marketing plan versus a “build it, and they will come approach”
• How RDC products encourage Savvy Customers & Members
• Training and incentive strategies for your internal teams
• Strategies and promotional ideas for growing user adoption of an RDC program
• Metrics for measuring the success of your program