Marketing Your Solution

Powerful marketing that will move your customers

To ensure the success of your RDC or mobile money solution, you need to maximize awareness with both your internal team and your customers. And we can help! Your Cachet Financial Solutions team will develop a customized mobile money or RDC marketing strategy and targeted campaign that showcases your solution’s benefits.

Getting the word out, internally and externally

As with any new product launch, you must carefully plan your mobile money or RDC sales and marketing programs. We can help you craft a strategic, comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Informing employees of the benefits and value provided by the RDC or mobile money solution
  • Incentivizing employees to promote the new solution, and rewarding success
  • Effectively targeting key customers and driving trial
  • Developing selling points, collateral materials and e-communications efforts
  • Mapping out strategies for promotions, sales and marketing your mobile money or RDC program

Expert advice and a portfolio of options

A Cachet Relationship Manager will meet with your internal staff to hone your marketing strategy and determine potential sales and marketing initiatives – including timing and deliverables. We’ll provide a full menu of choices and marketing collateral to help communicate your RDC or mobile money program to your customers, such as:

  • Brochures and other collateral materials
  • Staff training
  • Email messages, Web advertising concepts and other e-communications efforts
  • Branch signage and POS displays
  • Web videos
  • Sales planning and launch strategies
  • Customized campaigns and contests