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Merchant Capture for Businesses

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A big-time solution for any size business

Between staffing, inventory management and business-growth challenges, your business customers have a lot on their plates. Make their lives easier by offering Select Business™ merchant capture from Cachet Financial Solutions, the innovator in remote deposit capture (RDC) and mobile money management, and the first company to launch a RDC solution for Mac users.

Check depositing from anywhere – via PC, Mac or mobile

Now merchants can transform check deposits into digital images – by using their mobile device or desktop scanner and computer – then validate their authenticity and forward checks electronically to your institution for deposit. And all without a single paper check leaving their location! No more trips to the bank or delayed access to funds. Plus, Select Business™ makes it easier to manage business at off-site locations – you can even capture multiple checks in a single mobile deposit.

Enhanced features to empower better business

In addition to offering seamless integration across multiple desktop and mobile operating systems, Cachet’s Select Business™ RDC solution delivers:

  • Unique API-driven business platform that enables integration with your current treasury system and a single client portal
  • Streamlined workflow that simplifies merchant on-boarding and user set-up across platforms
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation between deposits, reports and activities
  • Enhanced mobile deposit functionality with multi-check and video deposit capabilities for faster, easier and more accurate deposits
  • Comprehensive audit reporting that enables your financial institution to more easily meet the latest compliance requirement

Deepen customer connections, lighten your load

Our cloud-based Select Business™ merchant capture SaaS solution expands your portfolio so you can create stronger customer relationships while improving your profits. With Select Business™, you can drive greater customer loyalty, easily attract new tech-savvy merchants as clients and expand your market share, but without adding to your infrastructure or slowing down your staff or processes. It’s the ultimate win-win!

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