Select Mobile™ Bill Pay

Mobile Bill Pay in a Snap

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Take the Chore out of Paying Bills
Quick-and-easy mobile banking features can make a difference when it comes to attracting and retaining customers, especially mobile-centric millennials. Delight customers and boost loyalty with Select Mobile™ Bill Pay from Cachet Financial Solutions, the remote deposit capture (RDC) and mobile money innovator and industry leader. Select Mobile Bill Pay takes the chore out of paying bills for your customers.

Anywhere, Anytime Bill Payment
This revolutionary new way to pay bills enables your customers to easily and securely pay their bills—anywhere, anytime—with a snap of their camera-equipped mobile devices. After your customer takes a photo of their paper bill with their smartphone or tablet, Select Mobile Bill Pay automatically extracts relevant data from a high quality digital image and auto-populates the fields required in your bill payment application, eliminating the time and hassle of manual data entry.  

Get Started Quickly and Easily
Select Mobile Bill Pay integrates easily into your existing bill pay application. Once integrated, your customers can get started immediately adding new payees and setting up recurring payments, or paying one-time/non-recurring bills. Your customers receive confirmation of their payments in near-real time, improving the overall payment experience and reinforcing the relationship with their financial institution.

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