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Transforming the payment experience

Cachet Financial Solutions, a leading provider of consumer remote deposit, can help you keep pace with today’s on-the-move, mobile-savvy consumers. Select Mobile™ NowPay gives your customers the freedom to make loan or other payments by check via their smartphones—even when they don’t have a checking account with your financial institution. NowPay transforms the payment experience for your customers, increases customer loyalty and creates a new revenue opportunity for your financial institution.

Anywhere, anytime convenience

Payments are convenient and effortless with NowPay. Users can make payments anywhere, anytime, eliminating the worry of late payments and the dreaded “check’s in the mail” excuses. And more timely payments reduce delinquencies for your financial institution and keep your accounts receivables current.
Payments as easy as 1-2-3

Available for iOS and Android operating systems, NowPay allows a user to take a photo of their check using their smartphone, and rather than deposit into their checking or savings account, they can make a payment on a loan or other recurring debt. Getting started with NowPay is easy. Users can start submitting check payments in just 3 simple steps: 

  1. Download NowPay app(one-time)
  2. Setup NowPay (one-time)
  3. Make check payment

Security for both you and your customers’ peace of mind 

At Cachet, we understand the importance of security and reliability to the success of your financial service offerings. Cachet employs the industry’s most stringent security technologies and is Check 21 certified, to give both you and your customers’ peace of mind.

All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security and can even be traced to user devices to combat fraud. Once checks are submitted successfully, users are alerted that the transaction has been completed and the payment has been made. It’s quick, easy, and most important—secure for both you and your customers.

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