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Mobile Solution for Prepaid and Check Cashing Industries

July 27, 2011

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Cachet launches mobile solution for prepaid and check cashing industries – Remote deposit platform is idea fit for developing markets.

Minneapolis, MN – July 27, 2011 – Cachet Financial Solutions, a leading provider of remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions, is taking its RDC platform to new heights. Specifically, Cachet will target the growing market for mobile check cashing and reloadable prepaid cards, which traditionally serve a large portion of the U.S. unbanked and under-banked population. Several financial service organizations will begin offering Cachet’s mobile check capture solution to their customers by the end of the third quarter of this year.

Previously, RDC technology was directed toward banks and credit unions. Now thanks to Cachet’s proprietary technology, robust demand for mobile financial services, and changing customer preferences and demographics, the check cashing and prepaid card industries are poised to participate in remote checking technologies.

Cachet currently offers a full suite of RDC solutions, including a front-end, mobile check loading application for the Android, Blackberry, iPhone smartphones and tablets. The application can be branded for check cashers, program managers and processors to allow their customers to be able to load checks on their prepaid debit cards. Cachet also offers a back-end product (CheckReview) that allows check cashers and load solution providers to review high-resolution images of the check’s front and back with full image quality analysis, CAR/LAR and Virtual MICR detection. Cachet has developed an API which allows the check cashers to import information into their risk/fraud mitigation tools or central database for decision/guarantee purposes.

the foundation of cachet’s mobile check capture application is convenience and simplicity for the consumer. Mobile check capture allows consumers to load checks onto their prepaid card using their camera-equipped smartphone or tablet. Users can load checks from anywhere at any time, allowing for quicker access to funds on their reloadable prepaid cards. Cachet’s mobile check capture is easy to use. Users simply click the branded application on their smartphone or tablet, endorse the check, agree to any applicable fees and snap photos of the front and back of each check that is being submitted.

“Cachet is one of the few RDC companies that understands the dynamics of this industry and has both a front-end and mobile solution and a back-end check imaging/verification solution for the various solution providers,” said Jeffrey Mack, President and CEO of Cachet Financial Solutions. “Our strategy is to create strategic partnerships with the program managers, processors, check cashers and guarantors/loaders. We believe there is a great opportunity in this space and we’re poised to take the lead in it.”

Cachet’s strategy comes at a perfect time as industry data shows more and more consumers are moving away from traditional banking relationships in favor of alternative financial services such as check cashers and reloadable prepaid cards. According to a 2009 FDIC National Survey, over 25% of U.S. households are under-banked or unbanked and that number appears to be rising as a result of the recent economic troubles. According to research by Mercator Advisory Group, Americans will put an estimated $70.7 billion on reloadable prepaid cards this year. That’s a 153% increase from the $28 billion loaded onto the cards in 2009.

“Our technology allows us to develop and execute a host of solutions for a variety of financial organizations – from check cashing companies to reloadable prepaid card issuers and processors,” said Mack. “Financial service providers have to develop new methods to retain and satisfy their customers, and mobile check capture is just another example of that initiative. We are proud of our work and will continue to innovate and develop new solutions on behalf of our customers.”


About Cachet Financial Solutions

Cachet Financial Solutions is a leading provider of commercial and consumer remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions for financial organizations and their customers. RDC Select™, our fully integrated, customized solution, is a unique platform that eliminates the need for financial organizations to build and manage their own RDC business. Cachet’s web-based business solution (available for both Mac & Windows operating systems) along with our mobile application (available on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids and tablets) provide financial organizations greater freedom and flexibility when providing RDC to their customers. Our industry-leading platform has been designed to simplify the process for delivering, implementing and servicing RDC. Cachet’s sophisticated marketing strategy and professional sales training program ensures our customers are successful with their RDC initiatives. Let us help you Unleash the power of RDC!™ For more information call 877.318.4449.