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The software behind Cachet’s RDC Select™ is one of the most powerful IT solutions in the industry today. Developed more than 10 years ago, our software solution is currently being used by many of the largest financial institutions in the world. Our Web-based solution allows financial institutions greater freedom and flexibility when providing RDC to their customers. Not only is RDC Select™ more efficient for end users, it is also more cost-effective and requires less internal support from within financial institutions.

The proprietary software solution enables merchants to process checks in a single pass, validate their authenticity and forward them to financial institutions for deposit without a single paper check ever leaving your office. In addition, the software also:

  • Gives users the functionality of five modules in one (scan, balance, transmit, archive and research);
  • Takes advantage of cutting-edge technology like CAR/LAR to automate the balancing process and limit the need for manual data entry;
  • Includes advanced features such as intelligent balancing, image quality assurance (IQA) and duplicate item detection;
  • Generates X9.37 image exchange files, the file format certified by the Federal Reserve Bank for electronic check presentment; and,

We’ve eliminated the need for costly infrastructure and back-office processes. We’ve built RDC Select™ to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. The software behind RDC Select™ has been continually enhanced and improved to meet the rigorous industry specifications and requirements of financial institutions of all sizes. This software has been deployed remotely to thousands of end users on behalf of numerous financial institutions across the U.S.

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