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Many financial institutions that were first to market with RDC have discovered that sometimes launching a new solution isn’t as easy as it looks. When an RDC solution is not initially successful, a whole host of issues could be to blame—higher infrastructure costs, costly support requirements and staff inefficiencies, to name a few. However, without fail, we’ve found that most financial institutions have done an inadequate job of marketing and promoting the benefits of RDC, both internally to their staff and externally to their clients. With little or no incentive to promote RDC, the staff has no reason to sell a solution that often requires them to turn into IT specialists. Add in the significant start-up problems mentioned above, and the initial launch of RDC has virtually no chance of succeeding in those financial institutions.

We believe the key to RDC’s success lies both in educating its benefits to financial institutions and making it easy to install, use and service on a daily basis. That education process starts with an integrated communications plan that will inform and motivate staff within a financial institution to promote RDC to their customers.

To ensure our clients’ success, we help develop an effective marketing strategy that better illustrates the power of RDC for their customers by delivering a cost-effective solution to them. A well-designed RDC Select™ campaign that effectively communicates its benefits will have a significant impact on the success of the sales program. As with any new successful product launch, financial institutions must carefully plan their RDC program. A sales and marketing strategy must be developed to:

  • Inform employees of the benefits and value provided by the RDC solution;
  • Incentivize employees to promote RDC and reward success;
  • Target key customers;
  • Develop selling points, collateral materials and e-communications efforts; and
  • Map out strategies for promotion and selling activities.

A Cachet account executive will meet with internal staff to discuss the marketing initiatives and deliverables. We will provide a wide array of choices and marketing collateral to help communicate your RDC program to your customers. Some of the items include:

  • Brochures and other collateral materials;
  • Staff training;
  • Email messages, Web advertising concepts and other e-communications efforts;
  • Branch signage and POS displays;
  • Web video; and
  • Sales planning and launch strategies.

“While the benefits of client RDC are clear, the greatest implementation challenges are the large capital and organizational investments required for RDC deployment, as well as the logistics, maintenance and support activities associated with RDC hardware.”

(Financial Institutions Must Rethink Their RDC Support Models, First Data White Paper, 2009)

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