Product Training

Cachet Financial works directly with our financial institutions to create an RDC model that improves branch efficiencies, strengthens existing customer relationships and generates untapped revenues.

Cachet focuses on delivering a clear and concise summary of the cloud-based RDC solutions you are implementing to better inform all major internal stakeholders (executive team, line managers, branch officers and tellers). By educating the team on how the solution works and how it benefits customers, Cachet helps improve the buy-in and internal support for the new RDC offering. The strength of internal buy-in is usually the difference between a successful, profitable program and an unsuccessful offering.

Similarly, Cachet is committed to helping our clients’ teams educate and train their customers on how to use the new offering. We will work together to develop appropriate levels of support and training for the client base. Depending on the needs and size of the customers base, our product training modules can be as simple as a telephone training session or as complex as a multi-location, live video webinar. We can even schedule in-person demonstrations and training sessions.

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