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There are a variety of Loan Programs to consider when shopping for your mortgage. There are fixed rates such as the 30 year fixed and 15 year fixed and there are a variety of ARMS which, depending on the ARM, may be fixed for a period of time and then adjust thereafter. If you are planning on keeping the property for longer than 5-7 years it may be wise to consider a fixed rate which will give you the security of a fixed payment for the life of your loan. If are purchasing the property for a short term investment, an ARM may be the best way to go because you can normally get a lower start rate. To learn more about the loan programs available to you:
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If you don’t see a program that works for you, call us at (800) 681-9667 (Sedona) or (866) 905-7377 (Scottsdale), and we can talk about your needs and look at the options available to you.