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RDC Platform for Mac Operating System

September 27, 2010

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Cachet Financial Solutions announces RDC platform for Apple’s Mac operating system

With RDC Select’s™ new Mac platform, financial institutions are able to offer their valued customers all the advantages of remote deposit capture without technology restrictions.

Edina, Minnesota – September 27, 2010 – Cachet Financial Solutions, a leading provider of remote deposit capture (RDC), today announced the development of a new platform for their remote deposit capture solution. RDC Select™ will now be available to users of Mac operating systems beginning October 15, 2010.

“We are excited to bring our new RDC Select™ platform to all of Apple’s Mac users. With Apple’s current growth in popularity, we realized there was a large segment of the RDC marketplace that was being underserved,” said Jeffrey Mack, President & CEO of Cachet Financial Solutions. “Cachet is in the business of providing the most advanced and industry-leading RDC solutions to financial institutions and their customers. This announcement brings our entire RDC Select™ product line to Mac users and it will allow them to experience all the benefits of remote deposit
capture that PC owners currently enjoy.”

Cachet’s RDC Select™ software, which is one of the most powerful IT solutions in the industry  today, is now Mac and PC compatible. Developed more than 10 years ago, their software  solution is currently being used by many of the largest financial institutions in the world. The Webbased  solution allows financial institutions greater freedom and flexibility when providing RDC to  their customers. Not only is RDC Select™ more efficient for end users, it is also more costeffective and requires less internal support from within financial institutions.

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About Cachet Financial Solutions
Cachet Financial Solutions is a leading provider of commercial and consumer remote deposit  capture (RDC) solutions for financial institutions and their customers. RDC Select™, our fully  integrated, customized solution, is a unique platform that eliminates the need for financial institutions to build and manage their own RDC business. Our industry leading software platform  has been designed to simplify the process for delivering, implementing and servicing RDC. Cachet’s sophisticated marketing strategy and professional sales training program ensures our
customers are successful with their RDC initiatives.