RDC Select helps financial institutions deepen their existing customer relationships and improve their own efficiencies and bottom lines. Through RDC Select, we have simplified the installation, deployment, maintenance and marketing of the remote deposit capture process. Our unique training and marketing strategy support allows our customers to focus less on the technology and more on their key clients and prospects. Through RDC Select we provide the tools and roadmap to execute an efficient, profitable RDC initiative.

As a fully hosted solution, the financial institution’s IT requirements and investments are effectively eliminated, allowing them to focus on their customers’ needs, product development, retention and new business. The merchant experiences the benefit of having a Web-accessed software suite that provides ease of deposits, complete historical data, financial reporting, readily available technical support without distraction or inconvenience with software updates (e.g. feature additions) and maintenance cycles.

Features and Benefits

Marketing Strategy & Support. As with any new successful product launch, financial institutions must carefully plan their RDC program. A sales and marketing strategy must be developed to:

  1. Inform employees of the benefits and value provided by the RDC solution;

  2. Target key customers;

  3. Develop selling points and collateral materials;

  4. Map out strategies for promotion and selling strategies.

Cachet Financial delivers a unique, customized training and marketing program to financial institutions.

Centrally Controlled. The entire RDC Select software infrastructure is managed and controlled from a central location at our Data Center located in Minneapolis, MN. All software management occurs from the data center. Financial institutions and merchants are free from disruption and inconvenience.

Remote Installation and Support. All merchant installations and support issues are resolved remotely. To bring a new merchant onto the system, the support staff remotely walks the merchant through the process of installing a scanner and navigating to a website. From there, the installation will be handled by the support staff; requiring a minimum of the merchant’s time. As with installation, support issues are handled remotely.

Regulatory Compliance/Security. In order to support the regulatory guidelines required for financial institutions, Cachet Financial’s software and Data Center adheres to industry standard security and auditing guidelines (SAS 70). This removes the necessity for financial institutions to spend resources on providing RDC Select as a product and instead spend resources on promoting their RDC business.

Stability/Scalability. Being centrally controlled and housed at a leading managed hosting provider, the RDC Select software infrastructure has the stability, redundant power sources and internet connections required to ensure maximum performance. This significantly reduces the potential of downtime for our clients. Additionally, expanding the infrastructure due to customer demand is scalable through the addition of servers at the Data Center and allocation of larger Internet throughput.

Product Description

RDC Select is a fully hosted Remote Deposit Capture Solution designed to address the IT requirements of financial institutions in conjunction with their offering of RDC to their customers’. Our solution allows institutions to deploy RDC without having to deal with installation, technical support, scanner offerings, data management and associated internal IT functions. The IT function is managed entirely by our company.

RDC Select

Our company provides the technology, infrastructure and technical support to manage all aspects of an institution’s Remote Deposit Capture Network. The software necessary to run the network is run and managed by our technical staff. Our Data Center is state of art and adheres to regulatory compliance requirements (SAS 70) for security and data management. Installation support is provided remotely to the merchants as part of our fully hosted solution and technical support is provided to both the financial institutions and merchants by our support staff.


With RDC Select, the only requirement for the merchant is a computer for integration of a check scanner and access to the Internet. No additional software is required to reside on the merchant’s computer. This greatly simplifies the installation process, which is administered by Cachet’s staff remotely; typically in less than 45 minutes. Software the merchant location utilizes is managed from our Data Center Web Servers; providing secure uploading and verification of checks as well as review of historical data. Our technical staff manages any support issues directly with the merchant.

Financial Institution

Our Data Center securely sends check images to the bank’s Core system for processing. The bank has the ability to access historical data that is stored at the Data Center. If a support issue were to arise, the bank will call our technical support for resolution. The bank will not be required to provide support to the Merchant. RDC Select has been designed to provide seamless integration of the institutions RDC offering so they are able to focus on their sales and marketing RDC initiatives to realize the revenue potential from their RDC offering.

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