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For banks and credit unions, RDC Select™ alleviates the cost and implementation barriers commonly found with most RDC offerings. Our fully integrated, Internet-based solution is one of the industry’s most efficient platforms available today. Additionally, we work directly with our financial institutions to create an RDC model that improves branch efficiencies, strengthens existing customer relationships and generates untapped revenues.

Gone are the days of sending out your IT staff or relationship managers to install and train your commercial clients on how to use RDC. Your staff has more important things to do than install scanners and software on hundreds of computers around town. And when a customer has an RDC question down the road, they will dial into our 24-hour, seven days a week customer support line for help. Your team will never have to answer an RDC technology question again.

Installation is easy. To bring a new customer onto the system, the RDC Select™ Support Team remotely walks the client through the process of installing a scanner which they have purchased through your Web site. From there, installation will be handled by our technical support staff, requiring a minimum amount of the customer’s time. All customer installations and support issues are resolved remotely.

With RDC Select™, the only technology requirements for the customer are a computer for the integration of a check scanner and access to the Internet. No additional software is required to reside on the merchant’s computer. This greatly simplifies the installation process, which is administered by the RDC Select™ Support Team remotely – typically in less than 45 minutes. The software that the merchant location utilizes is managed from our Data Center Web servers, which provide secure uploading and verification of checks as well as review of historical data. Our technical staff manages any support issues directly with the merchant.

“For financial institutions of all sizes, outsourcing RDC hardware deployment to a qualified, experienced national provider can solve these challenges by allowing them to focus on their core competencies—and leave the hardware to someone else.”

(Financial Institutions Must Rethink Their RDC Support Models, First Data White Paper, 2009)

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