Risk Mitigation

Innovative Technologies That Deliver Proactive Protection

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Two powerful ways to stay one step ahead of fraud

The ability to effectively mitigate risk can make or break your organization. Trust Cachet Financial Solutions, the leader in mobile money management and remote deposit capture, to help you combat the growing risk of fraud with the most advanced technologies available today.

CheckRisk Pro™

Multi-source risk identification with same-day reconciliation

Today, risk wears many disguises, and is a threat across your organization. For advanced RDC fraud and risk mitigation protection, turn to CheckRisk Pro™ from Cachet, and proactively reduce risk throughout the entire deposit process – without slowing down your systems.

Our cloud-based CheckRisk Pro™ provides protection across all deposit sources: mobile, ATM, teller, ACH, wire and moreregardless of vendor. Unlike other solutions, CheckRisk Pro™ provides near real-time risk identification to flag suspicious transactions within minutes of entering your network, so you can stop fraudulent transactions the same day they occurbefore they become losses.
Complete customizability and comprehensive analytics

We can help you tailor CheckRisk Pro™ to your business needs, with requirements that can be applied individually or grouped in profiles – including deposit velocity metrics, exception handling and more. Plus, our powerful reporting and analytics with live data models provide insights into user behavior, cluing you into new ways to streamline your processes and bolster your services.

For more information on RDC Risk Mitigation, please check out our whitepaper: RDC & The Risk Mitigation Imperative.


Real-time check fraud monitoring

Today, money moves at lightning speed and financial institutions can’t afford to play catch-up with fraud—they have to get ahead of it. CheckReview™ changes the game. It’s our cloud-based remote deposit capture (RDC) risk and fraud technology that helps you better identify – and preempt – potential fraud by taking greater control over the mobile deposit review process.

In the past, check images were available for review only after acceptance. No more. With CheckReview™, you can approve or reject a scanned check in real-time, before it is deposited into an account or loaded onto a prepaid card. Now that’s proactive protection!

Full-scale flexibility and security

You can customize CheckReview™ to the needs of your organization, utilizing its user segmentation and user management features such as fee structures and individualized deposit limits by value and/or velocity. You’ll also gain advanced monitoring and security measures, with signature and endorsement detection, daily reporting and audit tracking, plus convenient administrative controls.

CheckReview is currently integrated with Cachet’s mobile RDC products: Select Mobile™ Deposit and Select Mobile™ Prepaid.

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