Risk Mitigation

Taking fraud detection and prevention to the next level

As a financial organization, you know that RDC risk mitigation is an unrelenting burden – both to you and your customers. The bad guys are smarter, and savvier, than ever – and own an unprecedented number of RDC fraud tools and techniques to exploit your customers and go after your bottom line.

Stay a step ahead of trouble with Cachet Financial Solutions

At Cachet, we empower financial institutions with leading-edge RDC risk mitigation technologies, best practices and ongoing product developments that support better understanding and management of RDC risks. Our CheckReview™ and CheckRisk Pro™ solutions transform the way financial institutions deal with RDC fraud – by repositioning fraud detection and prevention from the back end to the front end of the deposit acceptance process, so you can spot potential fraud sooner and take action faster.

Tools to help you keep your guard up

In addition to these powerful RDC risk mitigation plans and solutions, we have released several other tools, white papers and webinars to keep you informed of new strategies, technologies and RDC risk mitigation best practices, including:

Tool Kit: RDC Risk Tool Kit for Developing Your Risk Mitigation Plan. 
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Whitepaper: RDC and the Risk Mitigation Imperative: Technologies and Best Practices for Countering RDC Fraud

Whitepaper: Risk Mitigation Essentials: Reducing Fraud Through Enterprise Technology & Credit Union Intelligence

Webinar: Enterprise-Wide Risk Mitigation: A Financial Institution Perspective
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Webinar: RDC & Risk Mitigation – Understanding the Risks and Best Practices for Mitigation