Select Business™

Let Customers Deposit Checks from their desktops, for PC or Mac

Cachet Financials’ cloud-based merchant capture solution Select Business™ helps financial institutions deepen their existing customer relationships and improve their own efficiencies and bottom lines. Through Select Business, available for both PC and Mac users we have simplified the installation, deployment, maintenance and marketing of the RDC process. Select Business can improve customer loyalty, strengthen existing relationships, attract new business and expand market share all while reducing operational costs and increasing profitability.

Select Business allows a customer to utilize a small desktop check scanner to transform their check deposits into digital images, validate their authenticity to reduce fraud and forward checks electronically to their financial institution for deposit without a single paper check ever leaving their office. Select Business eliminates trips to the bank, waiting in line and provides faster access to funds, saving the client both time and money.

To get started, customers simply log on to your website and choose from a handful of scanner options. When their scanner arrives a few days later, your customers call our 800 number and we remotely install the program and train them on how to use their RDC via the Internet. It’s that easy.

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