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Cachet Financial Solutions is committed to developing and delivering check imaging systems for financial institutions and businesses of all sizes. Our ability to provide the very best product is accomplished by listening, understanding and designing solutions that fit the needs of our customers. Cost-effective digital check imaging can revolutionize check processing for your financial institution by reducing overhead, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing workforce productivity. Our RDC Select Check Imaging Products are sophisticated, modular and user-friendly software solutions consisting of the following modules:

Select Business

Cachet’s premier commercial solution allows financial institutions to deliver world-class RDC services to their business owners, helping them improve efficiencies and manage cash flows better. Select Business can improve customer loyalty, strengthen existing relationships, attract new business and expand market share all while reducing operational costs and increasing profitability.

Select Business allows a customer to utilize a small desktop check scanner to transform their check deposits into digital images, validate their authenticity to reduce fraud and forward the checks electronically to their financial institution for deposit without a single paper check ever leaving their office. Select Business eliminates trips to the bank, waiting in line, and provides faster access to funds, saving the client both time and money.

Select Business comes in a variety of options:

  • Thin-Client: Fully Hosted, Web-based
  • Thick-Client: High-volume Users
  • Mac Thin-Client: Specifically designed to work with Apple’s Mac operating system
    • Thick-Client application coming first quarter 2011
  • SOHO: Small Office/Home Office – Utilizes customer’s flatbed scanner

Select Mobile

Select Mobile is Cachet’s consumer-based remote deposit capture solution. With Select Mobile, financial institutions are able to offer all the advantages of RDC to their valued retail customers. Consumers using iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids and Windows Mobile are now able to do their banking remotely by simply taking a picture of their check sending the information to their financial institution.

Select Mobile allows account holders to initiate mobile-banking sessions, key in their deposit amounts and snap photos of both the front and back of checks with their smart phone cameras. Select Mobile captures the check and converts it to an industry standard Check 21 image for transmission to the financial institution’s remote deposit capture (RDC) platform. Before transmitting the check images, Select Mobile formats the images, automatically corrects any image distortions or skewing and confirms that the images meet Check 21 and mobile image-quality standards. After the checks are submitted successfully, account holders receive notification back from their financial institution alerting them that the transaction was successfully completed. All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security and, if necessary, can be traced back to registered smart phones, marked with time and location, in order to combat fraud.

Select Capture

Select Capture enables branches to scan their items to submit to their main office, eliminating costly courier service and providing for more efficient operations. With Select Capture, you can accelerate payments and deposits, balance workflow and have real-time optimization and monitoring capabilities.

Select Capture takes your current paper items and turns them into digital images that are easily transmitted and retrieved. The electronic capture of check items eliminates the need for high-speed reader/sorters because fine sorting will be a thing of the past. Select Capture is fully integrated with the Federal Reserves’ FedWire service, taking advantage of the provisions under Check21 and kills the items at the bank of first deposit. Select Capture can be configured according to your needs as enterprise select capture and/or branch select capture.

>Select Remittance

Select Remittance is the capture of customer payment information (coupons & checks) for the purpose of automating the posting of accounts receivable information and enabling electronic transmission of check deposits to a financial institution. Select Remittance eliminates the need for manually processing paper payment documents and entering data into backend systems.

Select Remittance has been designed to address the need for payment processing and the generation of electronic check deposits from individual remote locations. Utilizing a small check scanner the remote payments’ module transforms your current paper-based payment handling process into an image-based proof and presentment workflow. Our module enables customers to process coupons and checks in a single pass, validate their authenticity and forward the checks electronically to their financial institution for deposit without a single paper check ever leaving your office. Customers are able to extract files that can be used to enter payment data into their in-house accounts receivable system.

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