Select Capture™

Select Capture™, Cachet’s cloud-based branch capture solution provides tools to capture high volumes of check images at your institution. Select Capture offers the flexibility to meet your current needs and the scalability to grow with remote deposit capture (RDC) strategy. Select Capture is a winning investment for both your institution’s internal operations as well as improving the overall customer experience.

Select Capture gives you the complete flexibility to determine when deposits are scanned, stored and transmitted to your central operations. With Select Capture, all that is required at the branch is a check image scanner and a computer with access to the Internet.

Select Capture takes your current paper items and turns them into digital images that are easily transmitted and retrieved. Electronic capture of check items eliminates the need for high-speed reader/sorters. Select Capture is fully integrated with the Federal Reserves’ FedWire service, taking advantage of the provisions under Check21 and kills the items at the bank of first deposit. Select Capture can be configured according to your needs as an enterprise and/or branch capture.

Select Capture has several benefits, including:

•  Streamlining how your institution processes checks
•  Minimizing operating expenses
•  Reducing expensive courier costs.

By spreading check processing work more evenly across the day you can eliminate peak staffing and deadline challenges. Achieve a stronger competitive service advantage by extending branch hours and improving funds availability for your customers. Cachet’s Select Capture also provides more accurate and timely responses to customer service inquiries, minimizes check handling and potential posting errors and addresses the many risks and business challenges associated with manual processing.

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