Select Mobile™ Account Opening

Using mobile imaging for smoother, streamlined openings

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The future is frictionless

Incorporating mobile imaging to streamline the account opening/enrollment process is clearly the next horizon, and Cachet Financial Solutions can take you there with speed, efficiency and success. Select Mobile™ Account Opening, our SaaS-based solution that integrates with our leading-edge mobile prepaid platform, or your mobile banking application, eliminates the friction in the enrollment process with mobile imaging for checking, savings, credit card and other account types. 

Increase completion rates—and mobile revenues

Select Mobile™ Account Opening minimizes the cumbersome and error-prone manual entry typical with mobile devices. Users simply capture a picture of the front and back of their driver’s license, and validated data is used to pre-populate account origination systems and identity verification providers. By using mobile imaging to generate faster, more engaging account openings and funding, you’ll create a better customer experience and increase your form completion rates and profitability.

Learn how our client, DFC Global Corp, was the first to let consumers use their smartphone to apply for a prepaid card by taking a photo of a state ID card and funding the card with a photo of a check or debit card. Read the Press Release

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