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Holding the Line on Deposit Fraud

Payments is a business fraught with risks, not the least of which is fraud. The possibility that a check or other form of payment used in a transaction might turn out to be fraudulent has been a perennial problem for financial institutions and their customers….

Over Cautious Bankers May Risk Customer Defections

 I recently had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the McKinsey & Co. payments symposium. This is an event that regularly draws senior level executives from the largest banks in the country. Bankers in attendance were eager to learn about mobile RDC.  Not that…

Unparalleled Fraud Detection and Mitigation: That’s the RDC Advantage

Check fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem and a perpetual thorn in the sides of financial services providers and their clients. Yet as remote deposit capture technologies mature and take hold that paradigm has begun to shift. With state-of-the-art applications like CheckReview™, from Cachet, fraudulent…

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