Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say about working with Cachet…

Greg Jorgensen

Chief Financial Officer, Star Choice Credit Union

“We couldn’t be more delighted with our mobile deposit solution with Cachet. They’ve been very easy to work with and responsive to our needs. The solution has enabled us to retain nearly all of our members despite a major move from a downtown to a suburban location. It has also saved us from having to hire additional branch staff to handle check processing.

Before launching the solution, we had some concern that our older members might be hesitant to trust or try the new technology. We quickly learned that wasn’t the case when we discovered that our very first mobile deposit was submitted by a 76 year-old woman!

The results we’ve experienced with our mobile deposit solution with Cachet have far exceeded our expectations and just keep getting better. Mobile deposit now represents more than 25 percent of all our deposits and continues to grow.”

Matt Lasiuta

VP of Operations, NSP St. Paul Credit Union

As a small credit union, we were looking to expand our services without investing in more branches, but we didn’t know how. We were referred to Cachet for their mobile deposit solution.

The team at Cachet was great! What really stood out was their accessibility and responsiveness during the implementation process. Any issue or concern was answered promptly and professionally.

Our product launch was a big success – everything went smoothly, on time and with no last minute problems. Our members’ response to the mobile deposit product has been awesome. They’ve been using it every day since launch, and we look forward to continued growth.

Mike McWethy

COO, First Service Credit Union

You wouldn’t normally call implementation a pleasant process, but with Cachet we had a great experience. Working with Cachet, we didn’t have just one contact person but a full team supporting us; helping us to overcome roadblocks and to keep things running smoothly.

We’ve been impressed with the product itself and the reception it’s received from our members. The integration between Access Softek’s platform and Cachet’s mobile deposit technology surprised us with the level of customization; we were able to craft our solution to meet our member’s unique needs.

And our members appreciate this; the growth and usage of our app has greatly exceeded our expectations. The volume of deposits from our mobile channel is higher than some of our teller lines, and with just one person able to process those deposits, we can be much more efficient.

We launched our mobile deposit solution just weeks after a large, national bank. We’re proud to be operating at that level – it’s given us a real competitive advantage in our community.

Tony Loosbrock

AVP of Business Banking, Deerwood Bank

We are focused on building strong relationships with our clients; to offer them the best experience, we needed a partner we could rely on to see us through this ever-changing world of technology. We found what we were looking for with Cachet. The web-based solution for remote deposit capture makes enrolling our widespread customer-base fast and easy. The control that Cachet’s web-based solution provides, through monitoring and the reporting, also satisfies the guidelines and best practices all financial institutions strive to achieve. Furthermore, with the availability of RDC for Mac, it has expanded our offering and allows us to attract new merchant clients. Cachet’s knowledgeable and supportive staff made the implementation process simple and we are excited to have this cutting-edge product.

Peter Kim

Online Banking Administrator, Pacific City Bank

Cachet Financial Solutions has got to be one of the easiest service providers to work with. With Cachet’s knowledgeable implementation team and a relationship manager that listens to our needs, Pacific City Bank was able to roll out mobile deposit capture quickly and efficiently. I’m glad we chose Cachet Financial Solutions.

Roger Paquette

Senior Vice President and CIO, S-Bank

At S-Bank, we were looking for a strong remote deposit capture (RDC) provider that had a simple user interface. We looked at many solutions before choosing Cachet Financial Solutions.

S-Bank is a small community bank with a limited budget to spend on RDC. When we looked at solutions from other large providers we found many bells and whistles we did not feel were necessary and which forced the price of the product to be too high for us.

We found a perfect solution with Cachet’s Select Business product. It is a perfect product for the customer; simple to use and offers all the features they need. We spend 20 minutes with the customer taking them through their first deposit, and that is all it takes. We have not had a single question from a customer since rolling out the product.

Jeff Windham

Vice President and CFO, Columbus Community Bank

Columbus Community Bank chose Cachet Financial Solutions to be our remote deposit capture (RDC) provider because of the marketing and customer support provided with their proven solutions.

We are delighted with the implementation and performance of the software. The services and support offered by Cachet have been exceptional, and we expect to continue to grow our business utilizing their RDC products.