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Understanding & Mitigating Risk in RDC

Understanding & Mitigating Risk in RDC

May 22, 2013

Speakers: Hunter Wolfe, Director of Operations at Cachet and Tom Houston, CEO & President of T. Houston Technology Group

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With the recent introduction of mobile deposit and high consumer demand, RDC (remote deposit capture) has become a buzz-word in the financial services industry. Unfortunately, the fear of risk associated with remote check deposits is a deterrent to many organizations considering implementing RDC programs. As more and more organizations launch programs however, the biggest risk may be in doing nothing and losing business/members to those who get to market first.

In this webinar you will learn about the types of risk associated with RDC and the industry best practices you can use to mitigate these risks. This knowledge can be used to increase the buy-in from disparate stakeholders when presenting a case for getting started with RDC. It will also help facilitate a smooth implementation and launch for those currently working on an RDC program.

Hunter Wolfe, Cachet’s Director of Operations, works with financial institutions every day helping them to understand and respond to these risks. He will be joined by industry expert Tom Houston, CEO at T. Houston Technology Group, who has been consulting with financial institutions for over a decade on security, auditing, and new technology.